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Decades upscale beermaking was privileged for monasteries, family and major breweries. They stuck to the same recipes and brewing methods. Those beers were consistent but less innovative. 

Like the culinary world, global influences brought a new wave of beer flavors and likes. Lately some int. beerfestivals are sold out in only hours like Tomorrowland. At beerfestivals homebrewers, craftbrewers and beerlovers get a chance to inspire each other and even compete in all kinds of beer challenges. 

Major breweries who observe these trends well, get a taste of what's hot and get influenced by the community. Some major breweries, hop or malt companies have their own innovation centre and invite smaller succesful brewers for a cowork.

It's bigger than

The beer culture has never been bigger than today. We've seen a first beer renaissance in the early nineties, with the rise of microbreweries brewing their own traditional beers. Today we're witnessing a bigger beer revolution with the emerge of the most diverse beerstyles in the most countries ever.      

Homebrewing and garagebrewing worldwide set off a new way of viewing and experiencing beer. Like garagerock garagebrewing has welcomed a healthy dose of rock-n-roll and more out-of-the box thinking into the beerscene. With material and ingredients everywhere available, it's a beautiful time for creative beermaking. 

All about

All recipes are developed at home. Homebrewing is a practical way to try pilot ingredients and beerstyles. Many modern breweries started brewing with home brewing equipment. Sometimes they still use home brewing for innovation recipes.

With the rise of homebrewing the diversity and quality of ingredients have grown. Less known styles have become popular through the int. search of homebrewers in original flavors. The world of beer easy equals the world of food, wine and whiskey with endless possibilities in ingredients, production and aging methods.

Craftbeer culture is an open community that cares and shares. It's a culture that loves to meet and collaborate. When you have a recipe ready for upscale, it could be interesting to cowork with a larger facility-brewery. This leaves one thing left, order a starterskit and begin homebrewing!

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